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vincent hopper fitzgerald

Hello, my name is Vincent Hopper Fitzgerald and I am a French Bulldog born in Bartlesville Oklahoma on October 17 2017. That’s right, not only am I the dog of the month, it’s also my birth month!!


I am a very loving and sweet pup, but make no mistake, I run the house and the medium room at day care. I love playing with my Frisbee, chasing the red laser dot around the house, spying on the neighbors through the hole in the fence, and playing tug-of-war with my rope. My favorite thing is going on road trips and sleeping in the back seat of the truck. I must add one more thing, if you want me to eat or get out of bed, I require a full body scratch. 


I want to thank the Paws family for taking care of me 3 days a week and providing a space to exert my endless amounts of energy. You all really know how to make a dog feel happy!