Eddie G

Eddie Spaghetti

What a life I’ve had.  It started out Ruff—don’t you love my humor.  My mom adopted me from Chicago Canine Rescue where my name was Buddy number 4, and they told her my age was 8 years old.  What a mellow dog, she thought.  She took me to the vet, only to discover that my intestines were a mess and, after a round of antibiotics, my energy levels shot through the roof. I was still a puppy.  She also found out that I had arrived in a transport from Oklahoma to Chicago.  My Mom is from Oklahoma, it was meant to be.  She thought Buddy didn’t fit me and named me Eddie, because I have a widow’s peak just like Eddie Munster on the TV show. We got to live in a neighborhood filled with kids in Chicago! The kids made my name longer, because I was so wiggly when I played.  They called me Eddie Spaghetti. When we moved back to Oklahoma, I was really worried my life would be boring, and I wouldn’t have friends. But then, Paws on Pearl came into my life. Now, I get to have lots and lots of friends in the daytime and come home tired to cuddle. It’s a perfect life.